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Herbal Ice for Teething Babies

Oh, the sleepless nights of teething babies!  Our third and last little love, Arya, is 9 months old, and her top front teeth have been trying to break through for a couple of weeks now.  Last night, I was able to catch up on some TiVo between the not-so-lovely hours of 3-5am thanks to these two teeth, so to say that we are both a tad bit tired would be accurate!

I’ve used, with excellent results, Hylands Teething Tablets with all 3 kiddos to help ease the pain and discomfort that comes along with teething.  During the day, I also give them plenty of fun things to gnaw and suck on, such as whole carrots and fresh or frozen fruit in a mesh holder.  Here’s a new one that Arya is loving, and since it’s summer and warm in most places, you can’t go wrong with some icy cold treats!  The cold helps to numb the gums, relieving the pain associated with teething while the herbs help calm and promote relaxation and sleep.

Frozen Herbal Teething Pops

1 teaspoon Dried Catnip or Chamomile (see below for descriptions of each herb)

1 cup water

Directions:  Add 1 cup of boiling water to 1 tsp of either Catnip or Chamomile and steep for 30 minutes.  Strain.  Allow to cool and fill ice cube tray (1 cup of tea should fill about 8 cubes in an ice tray).  Freeze.  Place in mesh teething holder when ready to use.


    Catnip – This is a wonderful, calming herb that helps to promote relaxation by relieving restlessness and helping to induce sleep.  It helps to relieve tension, colic, gas and pain through its relaxant effect on the digestive tract.  It is also an invaluable remedy for respiratory infections, colds and the flu, in addition to being helpful in the treatment of bronchitis, asthma, chickenpox, sore throats and sinusitis.



Chamomile – Popular for it’s calming effect on the nervous system, it helps to promote sleep and relaxation of the mind and body.  It is also well known for its relaxing effect on digestive system, relieving tension and spasm, making it a great option for the treatment of colic, abdominal pain, gas and other digestive upsets.  It is a great antiseptic, antibacterial, and very effective against thrush.  Chamomile is a general pain reliever that can be taken for headaches, toothache, and other general pain.  More recent findings suggest that it also acts as an antihistamine, and can be used for asthma, hay fever, and externally for eczema.


As always, you can find these and many other herbs online at Mountain Rose Herbs.

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