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Shatavari – a rejuvenating tonic for women

In my lactation work, I see many mothers who struggle with low milk supply.  One of my favorite herbs to use to help increase milk supply is Shatavari.  In Ayurvedic medicine it is considered the most important rejuvenating tonic for women, and is said to nourish and strengthen the reproductive system.  It has an affinity for the female reproductive tract and is used to help with sexual debility, infertility, and as a hormone balancer.  Because it supplies numerous steroidal precursors – the building blocks for the production of sex hormones – it is a great option for menopausal women.

Overall, it is a very soothing, nourishing and detoxifying herb.  Due to its demulcent qualities, it is very helpful for dry, inflamed mucous membranes throughout the body.  It is used in the treatment of irritated conditions of the urinary system and respiratory tract, gastritis, peptic ulcerations, hyperacidity, diarrhea, dysentery, chronic fevers and herpes.  It is also calming, and can be used to help relieve anxiety and stress.  Painful swollen joints and muscle tension can benefit from its external application.

Traditionally, it is prepared as a milk decoction with ghee, raw sugar and honey.


  1. I have to say I love your blog and your mists, but sometimes when I read a blog like this one, well this entry it’s not into specifics. Great to tell us about this plant Shatavari, but it would have been nice to tell us more about where to find it, how to use it, how to get it, the info on the web remains unclear, it says it’s an endangered in its natural habitat. I’m sorry I like clarity, specifics and information.

  2. I really would love to get my hands on some of this amazing herb!!! I have been battling postpartum(anxiety) since last April, I’ve come a long way with lots of prayer and family support, but I do have my days and weeks where it feels suffocating and debilitating. Quite frankly, it takes me away from being the best mommy to my little 2 amazing kids. I have refused medications, only because I am not trying to hurt myself or my kids, it’s purely a sens of feeling alone, exhausted from nursing, and like I just want my husband with all day. I didn’t feel this way with my son, but after I had my daughter I was trying to be super mom and wife and didn’t realize I needed more rest than I thought and I needed my husband to take time off. I told him to go back to work right away, to not worry about me, “I got this”, but my body told me something different about 6-8 weeks after I delivered. That;s what happens when we dont allow others to help in an effort to do everything ourselves!!! LESSON LEARNED BIG TIME!!!!! Anyway, please, I don’t want to wean my baby girl just yet, but I’ve had to stop the night nursing due to physical concerns (loosing too much weight, nearly passing out every morning, always feeling weak, and i eat close to 3,000calories) and it seems like my daytime milk supply is lessening. This is my second child I’m nursing and my first I nursed to almost 3 years old, so I’m not new to it, just new to all the physical ailments I am experiencing this time around, probably a lot to do with my body on constant high drive with the postpartum anxiety but my daughter by nine months weighed in at 28 1/2 pounds and 25in!!! She’s a big girl and I’m 5′ and weight under 110 pounds. So I look like I’m carrying a little person, and now at almost 30 pounds my arms, my body everything just hurts because she is not walking yet, she’s still crawling and cruising, but still likes to be held, like any baby would. Anyway, please, I really would love to try this herb out, whether in a lotion of magic potion, whatever, it sounds amazing!!!
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Monique!

      Thanks for sharing your story with us. I’m so sorry that it’s been such a struggle with your second baby 🙁 For everything you mentioned, I would recommend an herbal tea blend with the following herbs that will help nourish and replenish your system, while also helping to calm your anxiety. I would be happy to put the blend together for you, or you can order each herb and make it yourself.
      Lemon Balm

      You might also want to consider a tincture of Valerian when your anxiety is really bad, or when you’re having a difficult time sleeping. However, if you’re currently taking any prescription sedatives, do not take Valerian as it can potentiate their effects.

      Also, what is your support system like now? Do you have family or friends who provide you with any emotional support? That can be hugely beneficial! LLL would be a great place to start if you are lacking in a strong support system. The women who attend those meetings are wonderful! And of course, breastfeeding advocates 🙂



      Oh, and some online places for herbs are:
      Mountain Rose Herbs
      Pacific Botanicals
      Herb Pharm

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