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Keeping Bugs at Bay with Essential Oils

It’s summertime, and with the warm weather and sun comes bugs and bites.  Prevention is key and instead of turning to a toxic spray, you can keep many bugs at bay with essential oils.  When bites do occur, most can be soothed by applying a cool, wet compress to which a few drops of Lavender and German Chamomile  have been added.

To keep the bugs away, lavender, lemongrass, citronella, peppermint, cedar or eucalyptus oils work well, either alone or in combination with one another.  To apply, put a drop on various locations on your clothing or apply to your skin, either neat or  in a carrier oil.  You can also make a mix of one or more of these oils in a spray bottle by adding 10 drops or so of oil to 32 oz of distilled water and misting yourself throughout the day.  At night, place a couple of drops of lavender oil on a tissue or cloth, and place under your pillow.  Not only will this help to keep bugs at bay while you sleep, but it will help your slumber as well!  Spritzing your doorways and baseboards can also help to keep the bugs out of your home.

For dogs and flea/tick prevention, you can use the spray bottle mix and mist your dog daily.  Also be sure to spray on your pets bedding.  For longer term control, a few drops of oil of your choice may be placed on a cotton collar and put around the dog’s neck.  Add more of the oil whenever the aroma starts to fade.

As always, be sure to use only the highest quality oils on yourself and your pets.  My company of choice is doTERRA.

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