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4 Fabulous Culinary Herbs

Growing up, my mom’s take on adding flavor to her food consisted of mixing in a can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup, a bouillon cube, or adding a hefty dose of Lawry’s salt.  When I first ventured out on my own, I took her style with me.  However, I soon began to experiment with fresh and dried herbs, and realized that there was a whole new world of flavors out there that not only tasted amazing, but were exceptionally good for me as well.  Below are 4 of my favorites.


Garlic:  There’s no question when this pungent herb is being used.  Its fragrance is unmistakable, and it’s addition to any number of dishes makes it a staple around my home.  From omlettes to lasagna to chicken tortilla soup, garlic is one of my favorite g0-to herbs.  Along with its tasty goodness, garlic fights infection, helps to prevent cancer, and works to keep the heart healthy.  In addition, it also supports the digestive and hormonal systems.



Ginger:  This potent anti-oxidant is great in stir-frys, breads, soups, teas, or on it’s own finely grated.  Its distinct tangy flavor can powerfully enhance any recipe its used in.  Ginger is a wonderfully soothing herb to the digestive system, working powerfully to ease an upset stomach.  It is known to reduce excess blood clotting, inhibit inflammation, and relieve motion sickness.




Horseradish:  2011’s Herb of the Year, Horseradish is often found alongside prime rib in fancy restaurants.  However, it makes a wonderful spread for numerous sandwich options when mixed with dill, chives, and/or garlic, is great mixed in with mashed potatoes, potato salad, and a variety of other dishes.  Horseradish definitely has a bite to it, and it won’t leave you wondering whether or not it’s present in a dish.  But with its strong flavor, comes strong health benefits.  Nutrient and anti-oxidant rich, horseradish is antibacterial, has a supportive effect on the circulatory system, and helps aid in detoxifying the body.


Turmeric:  The unmistakable orange hue that turmeric brings to culinary creations not only adds a lovely color, but a zesty, peppery flavor.  Frequently found in Indian dishes, turmeric is one of the most anti-oxidant rich, anti-inflammatory herbs that you can cook with.

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