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Favorite Product Giveaway

We are so excited and honored by those of you who have chosen to use 3Girls Holistic products to care for your skin!  We know that you have so many options to choose from, and  wanted to take a moment to say Thank You!  We’d also love to hear what your favorite product is and why.  Please leave us a comment for a chance to win it!  We will randomly pick from the entries on Monday 3/25/13, and post the winner on here.


  1. Andrea McMillan says:

    Haven’t gotten to try your products yet but looking forward to it!!!

  2. I don’t have a fave product yet but hope to soon! 😉

  3. Megan Lunt says:

    I recieved a sample at a Sacred Pregnancy retreat and though I haven’t tried it yet I am excited to and would love to try more of your products!!

  4. I’ve always been intrigued by the cleansing grains and the nightly repair serum.

  5. I bought the trial kit and fell in love with your products! If I have to choose I would have to say the serums. I have struggled with acne for years and shortly after using your day and night serums my acne has cleared up!!!

  6. Like Megan (hi sweet sister) i tried several products at the Sacred Pregnancy retreat. I loved the moisteriser (left on the picture above) and got to bring it home across the Ocean. I’ve almost finished it because it’s the best, most gentle, loveliest moisturiser I’ve ever used! Wow, amazing how it feels! I’d love to buy it in bulk, but shipping costs are quite high. Sooooo, i’d love to spread the news out here how great this stuff is! Love from Amsterdam, Mirjam

  7. Rebecca B says:

    I first tried your products after ordering the trial size kit. I fell in love with all the products because of how they made my skin feel and the way they smelled. It is so hard to pick a favorite (because I love them all!), but if I have to I would say I especially love the toner for it’s refeshing smell and how it preps my skin for the serum or just refreshes me during the day.

  8. Christyt says:

    Thats a tough one!!! I like them all- the grain cleanser has such a wonderful feeling on your face and after the wash.The toner has sub a wonderful scent, and the serums feel very luxurious. I purchased the trial kit and really love them all- if i had to only pick one item to keep for myself, it would be the nightly serum.

  9. I tried the Nightly Serum, and I loved how soft it made my skin feel!

  10. They are great, I love the cleaning grains, they are so unique and work amazing

  11. I am always on the lookout for more holistic choices.

  12. Christina Yerke's says:

    Have not yet gotten to try your products but would be happy to try any of them!!!!

  13. I’m obsessed with the Day Serum & the Nightly Repair Serum… Have been trying to hook everyone I know on these wonderful products!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful line of affordable, high-quality products for us to enjoy 🙂 <3

  14. I got to know your brand from Sophie’s review one week ago. I feel so lucky I finally find a skin care brand in US with all good stuffs. You know especially the cream. A lot of companies claim that their creams are organic and all natural. But I still can find borax,Lecithin, emulsifying wax, sodium benzoate and phenoxyethanol. These ingredients are what I want to avoid. (I got to know these ingredients are bad after I had a baby. I am looking for good stuff for him and for my family members) . Thank you so much for creating so pure products for us. I will definitely try your products and recommend this brand to my friends.(some of them are pregnant)

  15. And the winner of our giveaway is Cara! Congratulations!

  16. MaryBeth Sullivan says:

    I love your product the “new mamma healing bath” it’s helped wonders for my c-section scar as well as helping me to relax and level out my postpartum moods. I am anxious to try more of your products I was excited to find this one in motherhood maternity and will be sure to tell everyone I know about it!!!

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