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Salt Scrub

Ocean SwimI grew up in Southern California where summertime meant beach time and swimming in the ocean.  Aside from the feeling of freedom I felt being out in the water, I always so enjoyed the purified and refreshed feeling I had about my skin afterwards.  It seemed to tingle and feel so clean!  For the time being, I live in Vegas, and can only dream about those salty waters.  But fortunately, I have learned how to pamper my skin ocean style even from the dry desert.  While you can surely experience the benefits of a salt scrub in your shower, there is something a bit more magical about it if you experience it outside.  A warm sunny day and fresh air in your lungs and on your skin enhances everything about it!

2 or 3 simple ingredients and a small bit of time is all you need!

Combine the following in a widemouthed jar or bowl and store whatever is left over in a cool place.

* 2 Cups Fine Sea Salt                                                salt scrub

* 4 Cups Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil

* 25 Drops of Essential Oil (optional)

Mix to combine and apply liberally to your whole body.  Relax, enjoy and savor the time pampering yourself!  Your skin and emotions will thank you for it 🙂


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