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No-Scrub Toilet Bowl Cleaner

One of the first things I noticed after moving to Las Vegas from Seattle was the hard water.  I had never realized what a pain it could be with the amount of staining and streaking it leaves on virtually every surface it touches.  Luckily the house we live in now has a water softener, and while it helps, the water still isn’t as friendly as the naturally soft water we left behind in Seattle was.

Given the serious drought out here in the west, we have a general rule of “if it’s yellow, let it mellow”.  However, with 3 kids and multiple bathrooms, sometimes it mellows longer than it should.  That is probably WTMI, but it I try to keep things real, and since it’s relevant to the post, I’ll try to not worry too much over whether I should have said that or not 😉

toilet bowl ringAt any rate, the outcome is that we have some toilets with what seem to be everlasting rings around them, regardless of how hard I scrub.  I went searching for something that could be done to get rid of them, and came across this recipe from The Naturally Clean Home.  I’m stoked to to say that it’s not only simple and inexpensive, but that it worked wonders!

  • 1 Cup Borax
  • 1 Cup Vinegar
  • 10 drops pine or lavender essential oil (I used lavender)
  • 5 drops lemon or lime essential oil (I used lime)

Combine all ingredients in a plastic bowl and pour all at once into the toilet.  Allow to sit overnight.  Flush in the morning and voila, no more streaks!

clean toilet




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