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The Wild – She’s Been Whispering My Name

wild womanThe Wild – She’s been calling my name for a while now. I’ve heard her, but wasn’t sure who she was. I think most of us have forgotten what her voice sounds like. I treaded lightly at first, trying to identify who she was. It started with books. I read, and read lots of them. I’ve always enjoyed reading, but it’s become something that I just can’t seem to get enough of. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to read everything I want to learn about. A voracious reader would be a description that helps to define who I am. With each new book, something in me opens a bit more, the rose bud is starting to unfold from itself, becoming fragrant, and I am beginning to recognize the voice that has been calling my name.

She is a mystery, yet so familiar. I want to know her, to study from her, to make her a part of me. She is wild. She is knowing. She is strong, loyal, kind, intuitive, protective, and most of all, she is loving. She loves all life, and wants all life to love each other. This is becoming who I am. I’ve always been these things I suppose, but modern life and the busy ways, the societal psyche that I’ve identified with for most of my life has kept this part of me somewhat repressed and under-acknowledged. The full wholeness of who I am hasn’t been able to truly manifest itself.

Recently, her voice has become louder as I’ve blossomed more, starting to understand and recognize who and what my true self really looks like. But still, I’ve kept my knowing hidden. Shutting it down out of fear. But the wild calls to be heard. Others speak of her, others who seem more adept at doing so than myself. I’ll let them be the voice. It’s being taken care of. My part to bring her wisdom to the world will be in other ways. Lesser ways. This is what I’ve told myself. But I’m wrong. I have a voice. I use it often. Those who are close to me would never imagine that I have a problem not using it. This is true for most things, but the wild, she is different. She has been repressed, deemed unacceptable in our world. Crazy, delusional, fanciful, these are words used to describe those who are truly in touch with her. Yet, I’ve come to learn that these are incorrect. These terms are derogatory, unhelpful, not truthful, and based in fear. Fear of the wild. Fear of what is now unknown, but shouldn’t be because it is who we all are.

Without a doubt, I have found that you will receive what you need when you are ready for it. Slowly, I’ve been given what I need to truly hear the wild when she speaks. I’ve made friends with amazing women with whom I can share my thoughts and experiences. Women I can learn from. These are my sisters. I feel safe with them and heard. We understand each other. However, the voice calls for more. I’ve been told that I need to use my voice. To let it be heard, to do so with loving kindness, but to make waves in the process. To dance my dance and let go of the fear that keeps me from doing so. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this. There didn’t seem to be an easy way.   Then I realized that I can start it here. I can share my truth, my experience, my journey. Maybe it will be read, maybe it will resonate with others, maybe it won’t, but I will use my voice. I will trust it. I will not be afraid of people thinking me crazy because of what I share and what I have come to know as loving truth. I am anything but “crazy” and that’s what I think makes it a bit more powerful.   I am grounded, I am strong, I am passionate, I am intelligent, and I am loving.

This is me putting me out there and trusting the voice that guides me. Let the journey begin 🙂



  1. Scott Rez says:

    Some say that we are to ‘grow’ a Soul. That we are conscious forms here to realize our formless nature. Our infinite essence. The ‘full wholeness of who we are’ as you so aptly put. Others have experienced that ultimately this is all we are & that it is the mind, or ego, that veils this truth of truths. That makes us think the Self, or Soul, is not already realized.
    It seems as though you’ve turned a truth-bearing corner Amy & it puts a smile on my face. May you continue to walk the narrow path with your vocal cords a-blazin!

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