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If Courage Is Your Value

My working life is a great mixture of making, packaging and shipping products, attending classes, some writing, sales and marketing, and all the other things that go into running a small business by yourself. At the core of what drives me is a ceaseless pursuit of learning, of understanding this world we live in. I am captivated by nature, by the workings of it, by the incredibly awesome tiny details that make up this wondrous universe! The more that I learn, the more excited and impassioned I become. It’s exciting and fun!

At 38, I’m what Emily Wapnick would call a multipotentialite, or on the path of what Elizabeth Gilbert would call the Fight of the Hummingbird. I have a Masters degree in Psychology and worked out of grad school with high-risk youth, I had a short real estate career, sold eco packaging for a couple of years, became a childbirth instructor and lactation consultant, began what I imagine will be a lifelong study of herbal medicine, started an organic skin care business, while also raising 3 little ones. That’s quite a list for ya! For the longest time I would add all of that up and think to myself that I lacked focus, that if only I would just stick with something, anything, that perhaps I would be more “successful”.

Success – what a totally loaded word. Open for so much interpretation. What is it? What defines it? Who experiences it and why? When people would tell me that I was successful, my typical reaction was that of a deer in headlights. Why and how could they think that? Sure, I’ve done some things, but what have I really done? What do I have to show for it? What point is there in any of it if you’re not making very much money?

The past couple of years for me have been what many would call a “spiritual awakening”. Who I am as a person is vastly different than who I was 10 years ago. Well, maybe not vastly, but the changes have been significant. In the process of reading, contemplating, experiencing and exploring some real mysteries of what this life is all about, I think I’ve finally determined what success means to me. I’m grateful for this understanding, yet at the same time, completely and totally terrified. Why terrified? Well, because it means I have to be uncomfortable. As Teddy Roosevelt said, I have to have the courage to get into the arena, to get dirty and marred, to dare greatly to go after what it is that I truly value. I know what that looks like, and it’s scary. It means that I have to start. I can’t keep waiting until I finally know enough – because I will never know enough (I’m a Capricorn after all…). It’s believing that I have value to offer which means that I have stop comparing myself to all of the amazing people who are already doing some type of similar work. I have to put myself out there and know that even if it doesn’t go as I hope, that at least I can look back and know that I tried.

I want to bring women together. I want to share my passion and knowledge of natural health and healing. I want to create a community of supportive women who can learn together and grow together. Women who love to learn and who are open to all of the amazing forces that are at work in this world. But to do this, I have to step out from behind the screen. From behind the “we” of 3Girls Holistic to saying hey, it’s really just “me”. I have to believe that I have something to offer and go for it. Even as I type this, I feel that ball of anxiety rising up from the pit of my stomach. As I feel it, I give a great thanks to Brene Brown and her talk about just this experience, about getting into the arena, naked and vulnerable. That sounds fun, doesn’t it?! Haha! But, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? And if not, at least I will know that I tried. For me, trying is the first step to success. In the trying, there is learning. In the learning, there is failure and success. I have had many failures, enough to know that I have learned so much for them, and in that there is great value. I have to know that even if I fail, as least I did so “daring greatly”.

At the center of it all for me, from all of the varied experiences and career paths, I have come to know, to understand, that for me success is about connection and relationships. It’s not about how much money I make, or how many stores have my product on their shelves. It’s how many connections I’ve made. How many times I’ve been able to be with someone, and in the process both of us have become stronger for it. How many times I’ve been able to share my passion with someone and they with me.

entering the arenaIf courage is my value, which it is, it’s time to stop hiding and get in the arena!




  1. Deborah McKayle says:

    Thank you for this. I woke up today feeling bereft and your words, the first I read today, were like applying a little of your Wound Salve and Injury Oil to my psyche. Thank you, I won’t give up.

  2. Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to your blog before
    but after going through many of the posts I realized
    it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly delighted I came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

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