Natural and Organic Skin Care

The Many Uses of Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

Melaleuca, commonly known at Tea Tree, is from the botanical family Myrtaceae.  It is indigenous to Australia where it has been used for centuries by the Aborigines to heal cuts, wounds and skin infections.  The essential oil is extracted from the leaves and branches of the plants through steam distillation.  It is a wonderfully powerful […]

Cleaning Cuts and Wounds Naturally

Growing up, whenever someone in my house got a cut or scrape, my mom would get out the hydrogen peroxide and pour it on until the bubbles subsided.  The only thing about her ways that made me think twice was knowing that the hydrogen peroxide was going to sting, but if it bubbled up, it meant […]

Hibiscus Margarita

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with this delicious Hibiscus Margarita.  You can find hibiscus flowers at your local herb store or in many latin markets.  Little ones can enjoy the Agua de Jamaica for a special drink of their own!     Hibiscus Margarita 2 shots of chilled Agua de Jamaica (recipe below) 1 shot Tequila […]

Cool Off With Herbal Popsicles!

Spring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner.  With that, the weather is warming up and so is our taste for cool, sweet, juicy treats!  Who doesn’t enjoy a popsicle on a hot sunny day??  While yes, there are many to choose from at the store and even plenty of natural […]

Wall Herb Garden

I think this is such a great idea for an herb garden!  If you have a small space, there’s no doubt that it would be perfect, but even if you don’t, what a great way to liven up a blank wall! Cheap, easy, pretty and functional – doesn’t get much better than that!