Natural and Organic Skin Care

How to Make an Herbal Syrup

Herbal Syrups are likely the tastiest of all herbal preparations.  They are concentrated herbal extracts that have been combined with honey, maple syrup, or other sweetener to give them a thick consistency and sweet taste.  Kids love them, and because of that they are one of the best ways to prepare herbal remedies for children. […]

Moisturizing Avocado Scrub

Avocados are a wonderful moisturizing agent for the skin and hair.  They are rich in vitamins B, E and K, and high in monounsaturated fat and potassium.  Unique among land plants, avocados contain polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols (PFAs), which are widely present in ocean plants but rare on land.  PFA’s are well known for their anti-inflammatory benefits. […]

Mothering Magazine Reviews 3Girls Holistic Skin Care!

Christy and I have both been reading Mothering Magazine since we were pregnant with our first babies!  They have been considered one of the most trustworthy sources for natural parenting/living information for decades, and to have them give us this review of our line, just about makes us swoon! “I recently had a chance to […]

Common Clinical Effects of Essential Oils

Antibacterial Cypress Eucalyptus Lavender Lemon Lime Marjoram Melaleuca Peppermint Roman Chamomile Rosemary Sage Sandalwood Wild Orange Wintergreen Antiviral Cinnamon  Clove  Eucalyptus  Lavender  Lemon Melaleuca  Oregano  Sandalwood  Thyme Antifungal Eucalyptus  Lavender Lemon Melaleuca Patchouli Sage Sandalwood Thyme  

Why I Love Our Cleansing Grains

Creating our cleansing grains took some time and fine-tuning to get the mix and consistency correct, but I can say without a doubt that it was well worth it!  I use them daily, and rarely use any other cleanser on my face.  It’s true that they are much different than anything I have ever used […]

Xylitol, A Natural Breakthrough in Oral Health

What IS Xylitol? Have you heard the buzz about Xylitol lately?  Xylitol is similar to sugar in taste, but the effects on the body are quite different.  Sucrose (white table sugar) serves as food for the harmful bacteria in our mouths (plaque), resulting in acid production that creates cavities. Xylitol is a different kind of […]

Indoor Herb Garden Ideas

LOVE these pretty ways of growing herbs right in the kitchen!  So pretty, simple, accessible and efficient!      

Sea Salt Baths and Scrubs

Did you know that our bodies contain the same concentration of minerals and nutrients as the sea?!  And that sea salt can help to stabilize blood pressure, balance blood sugar levels, improve nerve cell communication, prevent muscle cramping, aid in the absorption of nutrients, and help to get rid of sinus congestion, among other things?! […]

The Wonderful World of Cloves

Clove essential oil comes from the flower buds of the Myrtacae tree or bush (of the Myrtle family).  It is an evergreen that grows up to 39 feet.  The English name clove is derived from the Latin clavus meaning nail because of their nail-like shape.  The oil is steam distilled from the bud and stems […]

Skin Care Ingredients – Knowing What To Avoid and Why

Perusing the ingredient labels of various skin care products, you’ll likely be bombarded with a long list of various hard-to-pronounce chemicals. Most people assume that if there were any danger or concern associated with any of these chemicals, surely they wouldn’t be included. Isn’t that what the FDA is for anyway, to oversee ingredients and […]