Natural and Organic Skin Care

Natural First Aid – Wound Care

A Natural Approach to First Aid – Wound Care Our philosophy at 3Girls Holistic is to take a natural approach to health and healing.  Gifts from nature abound, and we can find cures for most of what ails us in herbs, homeopathic medicines, cell salts, and food.  Herbal medicines have been around since the beginning […]

Salt Scrub

I grew up in Southern California where summertime meant beach time and swimming in the ocean.  Aside from the feeling of freedom I felt being out in the water, I always so enjoyed the purified and refreshed feeling I had about my skin afterwards.  It seemed to tingle and feel so clean!  For the time […]

The Health Benefits of Common Culinary Herbs

I enjoy cooking, and I have in my kitchen various culinary herbs on hand at all times.  In the past, apart from the wonderful taste they imparted on my food, I really never gave a second thought the value of the herbs that I used.  I imagine that that’s the case for many people, so […]

Ewww Head Lice! Got a Great Natural Remedy for Ya!

One of the best parts of running this business is the opportunity I’ve had to meet some truly great people.  Our retail partners fill us with laughter, encouragement, support, and knowledge on a regular basis.  One of them, Dawn Fusco, who has owned a “green” store on Cape Cod for the past 25+ years, has […]

Holiday Giveaway!

  Celebrating the Season! I love this time of year!  The cold weather, pretty lights, celebration, and stronger sense of community brighten the shorter days of this season.  In all of the excitement though, I know that I sometimes forget to give back as much as I’d like.  Life happens – kids, business, marriage, pets, […]

Flu Shot – Wonderful Opt-Out Letter

When it comes our health, I firmly believe that our choices should be our own.  Unfortunately, it seems that those of us who choose to forgo routine recommended vaccinations are running into more and more barriers in doing so.  From the Government to Hospitals, our individual choices are becoming more limited, or at the very […]