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You know what I love? Brilliant women who start amazing, eco-conscious businesses.  3Girls Holistic is one very fine example of that. They have a truly natural skin care line that will blow your socks off.
– Melanie Mayo, editor for

I was introduced to 3 Girls Holistic last June and have been hooked ever since – I use it every day! Thanks Christy and Amy for combining your talents to make this AMAZING product!
– Alissa Donner, Co-Founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month

Wow – thank you 3 Girls Holistic! The Day Serum is amazing and one of the bet feelings I have felt on my skin in a very long time.  I have tried every moisturizer on the planet – and I am in heaven. Thank you so much for the serum, I am in heaven – OH I said that twice.  Oh and the Nourishing cream is heaven. I am hooked!
– Ana B.

I wanted to share that I absolutely LOVE your introductory holistic skincare kit. It is amazing! I have been using it for a little over a month now, and have noticed significant improvement in my skin. I’m also pregnant, so my skin is extra sensitive, and it is so soothing! My favorite products so far are the day/night time serums, and the nourishing lotion. You have definitely gained a returning costumer out of me, thank you so much for your wonderful products!! ♥
– Amber K.

My skin cells are so happy since I started using your Kit.  I SO LOVE it!  Thank you for creating 3Girls Holistic.  <3
– Effie B.

I loved the scent and texture of the face wash, I felt like I was in a spa every time I washed my face.  I enjoy using the toner with a cotton ball because it got off every last trace of my makeup.  The serums are divine.  Even though my skin is oily, the oils sink right in and don’t make my face any oilier.  I feel like my skin is being nourished when I use them, and the aroma is therapeutic.  I use the face lotion sparingly as needed at night, as it is heavier than the serums.  It helps if I have any dry patches.  Overall I love these products and would use them again!
– Jessica

I love the products!!!!  I love the day serum…I feel like it has tightened up my 46 year old skin which had been starting to lose some of its elasticity.  I mix the grains with some of my tea tree oil cleanser and love them…I do use them on their own as well.
– Kim G.

I recently tried your Introduction Kit and I absolutely LOVE it. My face feels so clean and good after using it.  My make-up goes on effortlessly afterwards and I honestly feel like it just looks better than usual! I have to admit I was a bit worried because of all of the oils that I would break out or that it would feel too oily afterwards but this was not the case.  My face feels soft, smooth, refreshed and moisturized.  The products smell good and feel good and I am happy knowing what is going into my skin is pure.  My face honestly does not get dry all day and it just feels hydrated.  I am very happy with the product and will continue to use it.  I look forward to more products coming out from 3girls Holistic.
–  Shawnee C.

After using this product for just one week I started to notice an improvement in my skin.  It seemed to glow, looked much healthier and my skin tone began to appear smoother and more even.  It was such an improvement that I have actually gone out on two occasions without any face powder.  I often go out without eye make up but never without my face makeup so that was a huge change for me.  About 10 days after using the product, I looked in the mirror and thought, wow, my skin looks even and smooth so there didn’t feel like a need to use the face powder.   I love the way my skin feels after using the cleansing grains.  It is noticeably smoother.  While the grains are something to get used to, they are well worth it!  Plus they smell great!
– Kristi M.

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