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Reusable Menstrual Cup 1

Reusable Menstrual Cup

$18.00 (tax incl.)

Made of medical grade soft silicone, this reusable menstrual cup is “PERIOD CHANGING!”

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While saying it’s life changing might be a slight stretch, it sure isn’t a stretch in the least to call this reusable menstrual cup “PERIOD CHANGING!”

Made of medical-grade soft silicone, our 3Girls Holistic menstrual cup almost allows you to forget that you’re even on your period!  The fit is so comfortable that it’s makes it almost unnoticeable.  With proper care, it will last years and save you SO much money it’s not even funny!  I know I’m gushing, but I’m seriously in love with mine and want everyone to have one!

At ONLY $18, it’s a no-brainer!!


S(small): Diameter: 43mm;length50mm

Recommended for those under the age of 30 who have not given birth vaginally.

L(large): Diameter: 46mm;length50mm

Recommended for those who are 30 and over, and all who have given birth vaginally regardless of age.

Capacity (both sizes): 25ml



Menstrual Cup Top View










How to Use Your Menstrual Cup

Before first use, check that the air holes at the top of your cup are open. Wash your hands and clean the cup using water and a mild soap. Then boil it in a large pot for 20 minutes before first use. TIP: Place the cup in a wire whisk to prevent contact with the bottom of the pan during boiling, which could damage the cup.


First, wash your hands with a mild, un-perfumed soap and water. When using the cup for the first time, you can lubricate it with water or a water-based lubricant to aid insertion.


Fold cup in on itself as shown in the picture. To do this squeeze the cup flat then fold it in half so that the rim makes one of the shapes shown in the picture below.  I also suggest checking out this website for more folding instructions and options if you run into challenges –


Cup Folds


Hold the cup firmly in its folded position and guide it rim-first into the vagina.


You can insert the cup while sitting, standing or squatting; spreading your legs will facilitate insertion. You‘ll find the correct position in the vagina by practicing and getting to know your own anatomy. Unlike a tampon, the cup is positioned in the lower part of vagina, but beyond the pelvic bone. In order to avoid leaks, make sure that the cup has opened properly by rotating the cup after insertion.  It does take a little time to get used to placing the cup correctly.  Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few trys!


To remove, first wash your hands in clean water and relax your muscles. Break the seal by squeezing the bottom part of the cup until you feel or hear the suction release. Now gently rock the cup from side to side while pulling down. Be sure not to pull it out by the tab alone – this will cause the contents to spill and may cause discomfort. Always pull the cup out while pinching the ridged bottom of the cup. Be careful not to damage the tab or cup with your nails. Empty contents into toilet.

Rinse and Re-use

The cup should first be rinsed in cold water, so that menstrual blood does not stain the cup or cause odors. Then, wash it carefully with warm water and soap to clean it sufficiently before reinsertion.  Make sure that you use mild, perfume-free soap. When water is not available it’s okay to wipe the cup with toilet paper. You can give it a proper wash the next time.


When your period is over, wash cup carefully and store it in its own mesh bag for proper ventilation.  Never store it in an airtight plastic container or bag. The cup should be cleaned before and after your cycle, and after emptying.  With proper care, your cup will last up to a decade!

Note:  The tab may be cut down to a shorter length if you find the current length to be too long.

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