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To Sit on the Pot and Find Pee on the Seat


You know those days when you really, really need a good laugh to distract you from various frustrations and disappointments? Well, today is one of those days, and I was so fortunate to have an old friend post this hilarious poem about finding Pee on the Seat.  I had to share the joy!  Thank you Rich Day!

Pee on the Seat

There’s nothing so awful, no nothing can beat,
than to sit on the pot and find pee on the seat!

Nothing comes close to making me frown,
Like missing that wetness until I sit down!

And who are these men, without any aim?
And what would they say if they had to explain?

“I just lost control! It got out of hand!”
“The pee on the seat was NOTHING I planned!”

“It might not be planned, but your pee’s on my fanny!!”
“You should sit down to pee like a proper bred granny!”

But I now know you’re out there, I’ll look ‘fore I sit,
I’ll not be a victim of a peeing nit wit!

By Rich Day AKA Dickie Doodle Day 🙂


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