Natural and Organic Skin Care

Lecture: Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth and Babies

Curious to know more about essential oils and which oils are safe to use for pregnancy, birth and babies?  This video will cover all of that and a bit more.  Hope you find it helpful!   If you’d like to purchase a copy of the Power Point for this lecture, you can do so here for […]

To Sit on the Pot and Find Pee on the Seat

You know those days when you really, really need a good laugh to distract you from various frustrations and disappointments? Well, today is one of those days, and I was so fortunate to have an old friend post this hilarious poem about finding Pee on the Seat.  I had to share the joy!  Thank you […]

Craft Beer: Hops, Hops & More Hops. But, I Bet You Didn’t Know This….

The craft brew industry is raging! And raging for a good reason. It’s chill, the people are nice, it creates a sense of community, and oh yea, the beer. The beer is good 🙂 And hops, whoa, are those guys popular! How hoppy can you go?! One hop, two hop, three hop, four?! More, more, […]

Let’s Talk Vulva!

I grew up in what many would consider a household that was open in regards to its conversations regarding sexuality.  Looking back, however, I realize that it wasn’t about sexuality at all, but rather simply about the act of sex itself.  In my opinion, sex and sexuality, while obviously intricately connected, are also completely different […]

Keep Kissin’ Mama! It Really Does Take the Hurt Away!

My kiddos are getting older, but there are still times when they want their mama to kiss or rub their boo-boos. Recently I’ve wondered to myself when they’ll stop asking for this, and also if they still actually believe that the kisses will make the hurt go away. My belief in the power of kisses […]