Natural and Organic Skin Care

Xylitol, A Natural Breakthrough in Oral Health

What IS Xylitol? Have you heard the buzz about Xylitol lately?  Xylitol is similar to sugar in taste, but the effects on the body are quite different.  Sucrose (white table sugar) serves as food for the harmful bacteria in our mouths (plaque), resulting in acid production that creates cavities. Xylitol is a different kind of […]

The Wonderful World of Cloves

Clove essential oil comes from the flower buds of the Myrtacae tree or bush (of the Myrtle family).  It is an evergreen that grows up to 39 feet.  The English name clove is derived from the Latin clavus meaning nail because of their nail-like shape.  The oil is steam distilled from the bud and stems […]

The Natural Side of Oral Health

It amazes me just how many products are in the oral health care section of the grocery stores and pharmacies.  I often wonder how overwhelming it must be as a consumer to decide what products to use and why. Personally, I stay clear from 99% of the products on the shelf, but then again I […]

3Girls Holistic and Oral Health

Hello everyone, It’s Carrie, the resident oral health coach and dental hygienist from 3Girls Holistic.  Before I get to the nitty gritty of oral health I thought it may be best to introduce myself and let you know just what I am about.  Many people run from someone whose profession has them looking in their […]